Thursday, 6 September 2012

Chris Martin claims songs put horses in the mood for sex

The singer says their music was played to a reluctant stud – who got amorous after hearing one of their biggest hits.

He said: “We heard that there was a guy who couldn’t get his horse to breed properly.

“He played Fix You and sex took place. Now he has the most expensive stud farm in Britain.”
The frontman and his wife, Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow, recently splashed out on a £6 million LA mansion with stables and fields – despite Gwyneth’s professed hatred of horses.

Maybe he’s planning to start a breeding business of his own, complete with piped music to keep the nags in the mood.
When gauging the potential of his new tracks, however, Chris turns to a more reliable source and asks his kids.

The 35-year-old rocker says he can tell he has a hit on his hands by the reaction of Apple, eight, and six-year-old Moses.

He said: “Kids are very honest – if they start singing a song it’s because they like it. It’s a great gauge.”
And he said the cute pair stop him from getting too big for his boots.

He said: “When we played Wembley Stadium I was like, ‘Wow, now we are big rock stars’, but the next morning the kids were saying to me, ‘Get me some pancakes'.”