Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Coldplay perform small places prefer a huge stadium

Coldplay perform small places prefer a huge stadium, because that way the audience can't smell the sweat and how can they get.

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Chris Martin is a singer of the'Paradise' band', who intimate show by the band's energy onstage, but admits that things can get a little sweat.

He told "In the smaller places people can smell you more, which is a bad thing, because we get hot.

"A stadium is, in some ways, easier because no one is offended by the way you smell.

"But there are also advantages to smaller venues, there's a lot of firey energy and even slow songs sound very powerful and, of course, I love seeing my favourite artists in small places."

Drummer Will Champion admits that he's a small venue is a bit daunted, because they are related to the band rush.

He added: "In the small shows you can see every person's facial expressions, you can see if they are on their mobile phone, you can see everything, so it's a bit more nerve wracking."

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